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Publication: Les Cahiers du CEDREF

Les Cahiers du CEDREF, a pluridisciplinary journal on women and gender, was created in 1989. It the only French journal on gender studies that is published by an academic center. Azadeh Kian is the editor since 2007. The journal is published annually and exists in both paper and electronic formats: https://journals.openedition.org/cedref/

2018 Transformations of the Gender Regime in Turkey
2017 Intersectionnality Tested By FieldWork
2015 Intersectionnality and Coloniality: Contemporary Debates
2014 Spatial Turn in Gender Studies
2014 Sexual Harassment in Higher Education
2011 Decolonial Feminist and Queer Theories
2010 Gender and Postcolonial Perspectives
2008 Women, Gender, Migrations and Globalization
2007 Claude Zaidman
2006 (Re)articulating social relations of Sex, Class and « Race »
2005 Feminist Knowledge and Pedagogical Practices
2004 Gender, Work and Migration in Europe
2003 Science and Gender : Women's Scientific Activities
2001 Twenty Five Years of Feminist Studies
2000 Women and Migration
1998 Gayle Rubin: The Political Economy of Sex
1997 Feminist Politics and Research: Crossed Analyses
1997 Feminisms and Nazism
1996 'French Style' Democracy or Undesirable Women
1995 Continuities and Discontinuities of Feminism
1995 Women Nation Europe
1993 Sexism and Exclusion
1990 Women Subjects of Discourse
1989 Silence Women's Emancipation Between Public and Private